Sunday, June 23, 2019


Learning sight words will be more fun when you sing and move.

Karate Writing
Explain that some letters are tall. They start at the top dotted line. Some letters start at the middle dotted line. Some letters have a tail. They go below the line. Sing the “Alphabet Song” stretching up in the air for tall letters, putting hands on waist for short letters, and touching the ground for letters with a tail. For example:

     A -hands on waist

     B - hands in air

     G - touch ground 

*Let children spell names, sight words, vocabulary words, etc. with karate writing.

Sports Spell
Have children stand and pretend to dribble a basketball. Spell out words as you dribble, and then shoot the ball in the hoop as you say the word. For example:
T (bounce), H (bounce), E (bounce) ~ “the” (throw the ball in the hoop)

Adaptations: Take a batter’s position. Pretend to take a swing as you say the letters; then hit a home run as you say the word. For example:

R (swing), E (swing), A (swing), D (swing) ~ “read” (swing around)

*Let children suggest other sports where they could practice spelling words. For example, swimming, soccer, tennis, skiing, fishing…it’s endless!

Writing Wands
Make writing wands by taping strips of tissue paper to a craft stick. Children practice writing letters, words, numbers, etc. in the air with their wands.


Singing the Word Wall
Sing the word wall from a to z with the tune of “Gilligan’s Island.”

Sight Word Cadence
Children echo each line as you sing four word wall words at a time.

     There are some words you need
     If you want to learn to read.
     A   All   And   Are
     Be   Book   Boy   By…etc.