Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Names are important to all of us. Here's a song to the tune of "Bingo" that will help your students learn your name.

Teacher's Name (Karen Foley)
There was a teacher at Lincoln School
Ms. Foley was her name-o.
F - O - L - E - Y (Spell in sign language.)
F - O - L - E - Y
F - O - L - E - Y

And Ms. Foley was her name-o.
You might have to manipulate your name a bit, but the children will enjoy singing you!

Mystery Picture

Before reading a book, select a “mystery picture” page. Show it to the class and tell them to look closely at the picture and smile if they think they know what the book will be about. Begin reading the book. When you get to the “mystery picture” page encourage the children to discuss what they thought the book would be about. Were they right or wrong?

*Cut a hole in a sheet of paper and use it to focus on an important image in the book.


Good readers are active readers who are always looking for information.  Using this strategy when you read books online will encourage children to be curious.

Color Song
(Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It")
If you have on red, stand up now.
If you have on red, stand up now.
If you have on red, stand up now
And take a bow.

If you have on red, sit down now. 
(Continue singing other colors.)


This would be a good song to sing when you do your morning routine.  You could change it for different concepts, such as their birthday month, their eye color, their age, and so forth.