Monday, June 1, 2020


It's June!  It's June!  The lovely month of June!
If you didn't get to attend the virtual GYTO Conference here is the 
playlist for the songs I sang.

Each day in June I'm going to "revisit" my favorite blog ideas from the past 10 years.  
You might not get to go to a conference this summer, but I'll 
still have a TON of great ideas for you every day!
I'll also give you suggestions for adapting them to the virtual classroom.


You are going to LOVE this video that some teachers in Iowa created to go with my "Alphardy" song.  Share it with your families or keep it for when school begins again.  Online or in person - it's a great active learning song!

Thank you so much Suzy Nordhus and the Northwood Preschool Center 
(Ames Community School District).

Sticky Notes in the Traditional Classroom
Use sticky notes to encourage writing and reinforce functional print. “Get a sticky note and write it down so you don’t forget.” “Put a sticky note on your desk about riding home with your aunt.” “Put a sticky note in the book when you find the solution.”


Include sticky notes in your supply list.  Children can use these to quietly answer questions and then hold them up for the teacher to do a quick check.
*Phonics (write the beginning sound, vowel sound, etc.)
*Math (teacher holds a dot card and children write the number, math facts, number stories, etc.)
*Spelling (spell sight words, vocabulary, spelling words, etc.)
*Review (answer questions about a unit of study)
*Feelings (draw how you feel)
*Doodles (children can draw if they are restless)

This idea came from Margaret Moogan, a PreK teacher in the Passaic School District.  I thought it was such a sweet way to end her school year so I'll let her tell you about it.

An idea I will doing next week is showing the children about 10 photos that we have of them in the classroom before March 13th. They miss their friends so much. I thought it would be fun to do a scavenger hunt or a detective game, i.e. find the blue counting bears, what photo is Rachel in, what is she doing, what do you think they are "cooking" in the house area, what are they building in this picture, name your friends in this picture, etc.  If I get a good response, I will do it again with another set of pictures.