Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Here are some quick games that will keep those little hands busy.

Sign Language
Teach children sign language for “yes” (make a fist and nod it up and down) and “no” (extend middle and index finger from thumb and open and close. As you ask questions, children respond with the appropriate sign.


WOW!  Just think of all the ways that you could use this to review information!  Glance around the screen and you can easily see who needs more help.

Rhyme Detectives
Tell the children that they will get to be detectives andlisten for words that rhyme. You say a word, and they put their pinkies up if they hear a word that rhymes with it. Pinkies down if it doesn’t rhyme.
For example: Cat - hat (pinkies up), run - dog (pinkies down).

You could adapt this for phonics, math, and other concepts.

Name Rhymes (Nicole Cracco)
Think of a silly rhyme with each child's name.

This would be a silly rhyming activity for any age. Say a rhyme and see if the children can identify who it is.

Class Names
Sing the children's names to "Ten Little Indians."

Aiden, Grayson, Hugh, Jack 
Jacob, Jayden, Mac, Maddie 
Nicholas, Oliver, Samuel, Willa - 
these are the kids in our class. 

Ask the children to wave or make a silly motion online when you sing their name.