Sunday, June 7, 2020


These ideas are from workshops I did in 2012.  There are some jewels here that I've adapted for the virtual classroom.

Count to 100 (Special K's, Marion, OH)
Count each "ten" with a different style.
Quiet 1's (whisper)
Yucky teens (attitude!)
Roaring 20's (loud)
Twisty 30's (twist)
Jumpy 40's (jump)
Flying 50's (spread arms)
Angry 60's (stomp feet)
Spooky 70's (ghost voice)
Flippin' 80's (pretend to flip pancakes)
Laughing 90's (hold stomach and laugh)
Jump and cheer for 100!!!

Counting this way would be fun any place.
*It would also be fun to say the alphabet, read sight words, and practice other skills with some of those silly voices.

Travel Soap Containers (Robin Davis)
Use travel soap containers to store crayons, magnetic letters, sight words, etc.
This might be a practical tip to share with parents to help their children get and stay organized.

Roll Call (Renee Nicolo)
Call the roll in different languages.  “Buenas dias.”  “Guten morgen.”  “Bonjour.”  “Gua-cha.”

Do you call roll each day?  It might be an interesting thing to do to acknowledge each child.  You could make it more challenging for older children by teaching them the different languages.  Younger kids would get a kick out of answering like an animal (bark, meow, tweet, and so forth).

Itsy Bitsy Spider (Sharon Howard)
After singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” let children change what kind of spider it is.  It could be happy, mad, mean, angry, silly, pretty princess, etc.  Then children decide how that spider would go up the waterspout.

Some things never go out of style like the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  What a fun way to engage children and keep their little hands busy!