Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Through the years when I did workshops I would invite teachers to write down their ideas so I could share them on my blog. Some of these activities are like hidden treasures! You can adapt some of them if you are doing online teaching when school starts, or you can save them for that special day when you are a real classroom family again. 

Why don't you start a folder called "My Treasure Box" and copy and paste the ones you like best?
P.S. I'm laughing at myself because after 50 years as an educator I still get pumped when I learn a new idea. My hope is that you'll be inspired every day this month with something you want to try!

Interest Inventory
In addition to saving writing samples and self portraits in a “portfolio” each month, have children complete an “interest inventory” by filling in sentences similar to the ones below:

I am good at______.

I like to _____.

I want to work on _____.

My favorite book is _____.

I wish _____.

Hint! Younger children could just dictate their responses to an adult.

*Use these statements to get information about each child when you do a one-on-one online "get to know you."
*Have children fill these out with their parents to share with their "online" classmates at the beginning of the school year.

Touch and Count
Touch different body parts as you count by tens. For example, touch your head as you count 1-9. Touch your shoulders as you count 10-19. Then touch your knees as you count 20-29, and so forth.

This is an example of ACTIVE learning that would be good online or "off"line!

Criss Cross Nursery Rhymes
This activity combines two of my favorite things – nursery rhymes and crossing the midline. Wouldn’t this be a great brain break for any age?  You can adapt all nursery rhymes to these movements:

Jack (extend right arm)
And Jill (extend left arm)
Went up (right hand on left shoulder)
A hill (left hand on right shoulder)
To fetch (right hand on right hip)
A pail (left hand on left him)
Of Wa- (right hand on left knee)
Ter (left hand on right knee)
(Clap Hands!)
Jack (extend right arm)
Fell down (extend left arm)
And broke (right hand on left shoulder)
His crown (left hand on right shoulder)
And Jill (right hand on right hip)
Came (left hand on left hip)
Tumbling (right hand on left knee)
After (left hand on right knee)
YEAH! (Thumbs up!)

This would be a great brain break for older kids and a fun way for younger ones to learn nursery rhymes.