Saturday, June 27, 2020

GOOD IDEA #27 Sign Language

If you've ever been to my workshops, you know how much I LOVE sign language.  Yeah, I know I'm no good at it, but I TRY!

Let me tell you why I think sign language would be especially meaningful in the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.

1.  It’s multi-sensory.
2.  It’s engaging.  Children are fascinated by the ability to "talk" with their hands.

3.  It's a great learning tool for teaching letters, sight words, vocabulary, etc.
4.  It’s good for differentiated instruction and for children who are non-English speakers.
5.  It’s free and it’s simple.
6.  Sign language can be a powerful tool for classroom management.

7.  Sign language integrates both hemispheres of the brain.

These are some signs that may be useful for classroom management online.  I'd introduce one sign at a time (or maybe each day).  Practice that sign and then teach another one and then another one...
Look! Listen! Learn (“L” by eyes, ears, and then brain.)
Stand Up (Two fingers standing on palm and then point up.)

Sit Down (Two fingers sitting on 2 fingers of other hand and point down.)

Stop (One palm open. Pretend to chop it with the other palm.)

Finished (Brush hands away from chest.)

More (Fingertips touching.)

Understand (Wiggle index finger near brain.)

Don’t Understand (Shake head “no” as you wiggle index finger.)

Please (One palm open on chest and make a circular motion.)

Thank you (Touch fingertips on chin and extend out.)

I love you! (Fingers up with middle finger and ring finger bent down.)


Check out this FREE ASL app:

Here are websites with sign language videos: