Saturday, June 13, 2020


It's like visiting "old" friends to look back at past blogs and think about how to adapt them to the virtual classroom.

Hickety Pickety Bumblee Words
(I thought this was a good chant if you’ve got a few extra minutes in the day.
You can point to words on the word wall or you can hold up word cards.)
Hickety pickety bumblee,
Who can read this word for me? (Children read word.)
Clap it. (Clap out syllables as you say the word.)
No sound. (Mouth the word.)
…Continue doing other words.
This is good for sight words as well as phonological awareness (syllables).  You could change it to shapes, letters, or whatever skill you want to reinforce. 

ABC Tae Bo
Children would would get a “kick” out of doing a modified Tae Bo to learn because it's good for their bodies and their brains.

*Self-Regulation – Before starting remind children that they must keep their hands in their own space. If they touch someone else or get out of control they will have to sit down!  

Guard Position – Stand, make fists with your hands, and put them up by your face.
Talk – Say the letters as you punch from right to left.
Sounds – Make the sound for each letter as you punch.
Words – Say a word that starts with each letter as you punch.
Backwards – Say the alphabet backwards as you punch.
Count – Count forwards, backwards, skip count, etc. as you punch.

I can't wait for some of you to try this and tell me what happens.  How can any child resist this?

Zip Bags (Erin Garrigan)
Use a zip bag as a number line. Children can slide the tab to add, subtract, etc.

Wouldn't it be good if each child had one of these to use at home?  They could hold up their answer for a quick check.