Thursday, June 4, 2020


A good idea is a good idea!  Some of these ideas are a few years old, but you can "recycle" them and make them new again.

Connecting with Books (Audrey Yoshioka)
As you read books have students touch index fingers to show that they have a personal connection with the book or whatever you are talking about.  You can quietly acknowledge individual connections without stopping the story.
*Students love to make connections and you will know that they are listening!

What a great way to engage your students while they listen to a book online!

Summer Writing
A few years ago Carolyn Kisloski created a FREE download with summer writing prompts. This would be a great end of year "gift" for your students. 
Hint!  Younger children could dictate responses to their parents.

Send this link to your families to download and do with their children.

Who Let the Letters Out?  (Angela Curtiss)
Give each child a magnetic letter.  Have them stand in a circle and place a dog bowl in the middle of the floor.  When they hear their letter sung in the song they place their letter in the dog bowl.

Children get to stand up and bark like a dog when the letter that their name begins with comes up in the song.
*Vary to the second letter in their first name or the last letter in their last name.