Sunday, June 14, 2020


Having children stand and learn will definitely activate their brains more than looking at a screen!

Air Writing (Lisa Callis)
Go from large to small as you practice air writing letters, numerals, shapes, etc.
      Stick out one arm and write with your finger.
      Hold your shoulder with the opposite hand as you write with one finger.
      Hold your elbow and write.
      Hold your wrist and write.
      Hold finger and write.


Large movements are the perfect way to put different letter and number strokes in the brain.  Using different body parts will also provide repetition in an interesting way.

Visual Memory Game (Karen Kennedy)
Place pictures of six shapes in a pocket chart. Name the shapes. Hide a picture of a kitty or another seasonal object under one of the shapes. Let children take turns trying to identify where the kitty is hidden?

*Use numbers, letters, words, etc. to play the game.

You could reinforce any skill when you play this game online.

Class Names (Tune: "Ten Little Indians")
Aiden, Grayson, Hugh, Jack
Jacob, Jayden, Mac, Maddie
Nicholas, Oliver, Samuel Willa
These are the friends in our class. 

Hint! With different class sizes, just adjust the names to fit by either singing quickly in a row or drawing out one name a little longer. 


Names are important wherever you are.  Sing this song slowly and ask children to make a motion or a silly face when they hear their name sung in the song.