Sunday, June 21, 2020


What's your favorite idea today?

Names (Pam Bonenberger)
Make flash cards with children’s first and last names and their picture. Place 8 names at a time in a pocket chart and sing to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”
     Joey Smith,
     Frank Wilson,
     Amy Craft,
     Susan Wells….

Every child (and adult) loves to hear their name. This would be a perfect song to help children get to know their classmates' first and last names.

Parent Observation (Misty Martin Gigliotti)
Prepare an observation sheet for parents who visit the classroom with the following:
-Is your child engaged in singing? Dancing? Listening? Hand movements?
-Does your child participate in activities? Centers? Are they playing alone, with a friend, friends? Are they watching other children play?
-Are they rushing through their work? Are they taking their time?
-Do you have questions about centers, the classroom, etc.?

I found this idea a teacher shared years ago.  It would be so insightful to ask parents to fill out something similar as they observe their child during distance learning.

Letter Looker (Julie Jones, Lebanon, MO)
Twist a pipe cleaner to look like a magnifying glass. Use it as a “letter looker” or “word looker” to frame letters or words on charts, big books, and classroom print.


Pipe cleaners would be inexpensive materials that could be provided for each child. They could be used to frame letters, shapes, words, and so forth in their home.

Password (Megan Engelsgjerd)
Practice sight words or CVC words by placing a sign on your door that says, "What's the password?" Write a new word each day and the students have to whisper it when they enter and leave the classroom. 
Choose a letter, number, shape, sight word, etc. and explain that they have to whisper it to join online because it's the magic password of the day.