Saturday, June 6, 2020


I read these ideas and I want to go back to school and try them out!

If You’re Ready to Get Started (Leigh Ann Towater)
(Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”)
If you’re ready to get started say, I AM! (Children say, “I am!”)
If you’re ready to get started say, I AM! (Children say, “I am!”)
If you say that you’re not,
You’re going to miss out on a lot.
If you’re ready to get started say, I AM! (Children say, “I am!)


This is one of my favorite "attention grabber" songs that Leigh Ann Towater taught me years ago.  Sing it consistently and it will be an "indicator" to focus children's attention.

Cowboys and Chickens (Gina Copeland)
This is flashcard game where kids get to move and act silly.  Make flashcards for whatever skill you want the children to master.  Put a picture of a cowboy on a two and a picture of a chicken on two.  Mix up all the cards.  When the cowboy comes up the children make a roping motion as they say, “Yeehaw!” If the chicken comes up they flap their arms and cluck.

Let the children stand and make the motions for the cowboy and chickens.

Step and Read
Children stand and walk in place as they read each word in a sentence. When they come to the end of a line they “jump” down to the next line.
More!  When they come to a period they clap their hands. For a question mark they shrug. When there is an exclamation point they put their fist in the air. On commas, they snap their fingers, and for quotation marks they wiggle 2 fingers on each hand.

This would be equally as fun when you do choral reading.
*Younger kids could step as they say nursery rhymes.

End of Day Chant (Linda Wood)
Sit in a circle criss cross applesauce and start the chant with this rhythm:
Slap knees two times
Clap two times
Snap two times
Clap two times
“Linda, Linda, what do you say?
What did you like at school today?”

The child has to tell what they liked best that day. It’s a good way to remember what they learned as you reinforce oral language.

This would end your day on a positive note and be a good review.