Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The weather outside is frightful,
But inside our game is delightful.
And since we can’t go out to play
Here are some indoor games for today.

Silent Touch
This is a great game to quiet children and build memory skills.  The first child gets up and touches an object and then sits down.  The second child gets up, touches the first object, then touches an additional object.  The third child touches the first object, second object, and adds a third object.  The game continues as classmates touch what the previous children have touched in sequential order and then add a new item.  When a child forgets, simply begin the game all over again.

Four Corners  (This is the BEST indoor game ever!)
Number each of the corners in the room ~ 1, 2, 3, 4.  (You can write the numerals on paper and hang them up if you want.)  Choose one person to be “it.”  “It” hides their eyes and slowly counts from one to ten as the rest of the class tiptoes to a corner in the room.  When “it” says “freeze,” everyone must be in a corner.  “It” then calls out a number (1, 2, 3, or 4) and the children in that corner are out of the game.  They sit down in the “stew pot” in the middle of the room.  “It” counts to ten again as everyone moves to a new corner.  The game continues until there is one person left.  That person becomes the new “it.”
Hint!  Shorten the game by having “it” call out two corners at a time.
If there is no one in the corner, ask “it” to call out another number.

One child is the “detective.”  The detective describes a “missing child” (classmate), giving their eye color, hair color, description of clothing, likes, etc.  The first person to identify the missing child gets to be the new detective.
Hint!  Here is another variation of this game.  Send the detective out in the hall.  Select one child and hide him or her under your desk or behind a shelf.  The detective returns to the classroom and tries to identify the missing child.  (You can also let two children exchange seats and see if the detective can spot the switch.)

Hot Potato
You can use a small ball, bean bag, or stuffed animal for this game.  Children sit or stand in a circle.  Children begin passing the “hot potato” (ball or bean bag) around the room when the music starts.  Explain that it is a “hot potato” and they need to pass it quickly to the next friend.  When the music stops, the one holding the “hot potato” is out of the game and must leave the circle.  If two children are holding it they are both out.  The last child remaining is the winner.  Begin the game again.

Tower Topple
Every child will need one block from the block center for this game.  The first child places their block on the floor.  The second child places his or her block on top of the first block.  The game continues as each child adds their block to the tower.  When the “tower topples,” children get a block and the game begins all over again.
Hint!  Have children count the blocks and see if they can beat their previous record.

Silent Ball
You will need a small, soft ball for this game.  Explain that the object of the game is to see how many times you can toss the ball without talking.  Look at the person you are throwing the ball to so they will be ready.  Silently count how many times we can throw the ball without talking or dropping it.  If someone talks or drops the ball, then the game begins all over again.
Hint!  Wad up a scrap piece of paper and use it in lieu of a ball.