Sunday, February 10, 2013


I recently heard from a colleague I worked with years ago.  We both remarked that we were lucky to be teachers when "KIDS" were the most important thing.  Here's a little thought for this Sunday...

We used to paint pictures with all the colors in the rainbow.
We'd build castles and birthday cakes in the sand.
We took walks and looked for feathers, or when it was cold we’d catch snowflakes on our tongues. 
Now we sit and do worksheets.

We used to play dress-up.  “I’ll be the mommy and you be the baby.”
We’d build the biggest skyscrapers in the world with blocks.
Outside we’d run like wild horses and play boys chase girls.
Now we stand in formation and do exercises.

We used to talk and giggle and laugh a lot.
We’d bring our special treasures from home for show and tell,
And we’d whisper secrets in our teacher’s ear if she’d promise not to tell.
But nobody has time to listen to us now.

We used to have cookies and milk.
Then the teacher would read us a story.
And then we’d lay down on our rugs and listen to some pretty music.
But now we have to stay on task and work on our standards.

The teacher used to hug us and smile when we said or did funny things.
She said we were so wonderful and creative.
When we got hurt she’d hold us or rock us until we felt better.
Now she says we have work to do and mumbles something about a big test.

It’s just not the same being a little kid anymore.
I guess we’ve got to be grown up like our parents for a long, long time.
Maybe when I’m thirty-five I’ll get to finger paint and make snakes with clay.
I’ll do what I want to then.

We used to play.
We felt special and important.
We’d sing and we’d dance.
They’ve taken away our song.