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Saturday, February 23, 2013


You can buy clipboards or make your own from corrugated cardboard and butterfly clips.  Here are a few quick and easy centers you can do with clipboards.
Word Search
Standard:    RF 3c
Materials:    list of words found in the classroom, clipboard, pencil
Directions:   Children walk around the room searching for the words on the 
                    list.  They can cross through the words as they find them.
Hint!           A pair of empty glass frames makes this more fun.
More!          Write a seasonal word vertically down the left side of a sheet 
                   of paper.  Can children find a word in the room for each letter?

Remember Doodles
Standard:    RL 10
Materials:    listening center, story tape, clipboard, pencil
Directions:   Children use the clipboard for “remember doodles.”  Encourage 
                   them to draw or write all the things they remember as they  
                   listen to the story.

Writing to a “T”
Standard:    L 5a, W 2
Materials:    paper, crayons, pencils, clipboard
Directions:   Demonstrate how to make a “T” down the middle of the page
                   with a crayon.  Have children write words or draw pictures
                   for things they “like” or “dislike”; things found “inside” or
“outside”;  “big” and “little”; “real” and “pretend” etc.
More!          Relate to science or social studies by having children write
                  “wants” and “needs” or “plants” and “animals.”

Four Square Writing
Standard:    L 2d, RF 2b
Materials:    paper, pencils, clipboard, word wall or dictionary
Directions:   Have children draw a line down the middle of their paper
                   horizontally and vertically to make four sections.  Number
                   the sections “1,” “2,” “3,” “4.”  Ask children to write
                   one letter words in the section numbered “l.”  Write
                   2 letter words in the second section, etc.
More!          Write one syllable words, two syllable words, etc.

Out the Window
Standard:    W 2
Materials:    clipboard, paper, pencils, crayons or markers
Directions:   Children look out the window and describe what they see.
                   I see…
                   I hear…
                   I smell…
                   I feel…
                  After writing, they can illustrate their observations.

Count the Room
Standard:    Counting
Materials:    list of common classroom objects (chairs, boys, girls, 
                   teachers, computers, puppets, noses, shoes – you can make this
                   funny and challenging!)
Directions:   Children walk around the room, count the objects, and write
                   their response on the line.

Shape Hunt
Standard:    Geometry
Materials:    list of two and three dimensional shapes
Directions:   Children walk around the room and hunt for the shapes on their 
                   list.  They can draw or write a description of the shape when  
                   they find it.