Thursday, February 28, 2013


For years I resisted making a video for children.  The whole point of my songs is for the teacher to interact with the children, look them in the eyes, and enjoy a special time together.  That is still critical to me.  However, I have received so much positive feedback about my “Better Bodies and Brains” DVD that it might be time to make another one.  When I first watched that video I was embarrassed.   I did not like looking at myself, and I thought it was corny.  The bottom line is the kids LIKE it.  So there!  (They think I’m flying like an angel because of the blue background.  Some of them wonder why I wear black all the time.  I get some really cute comments.)  But, let me tell you the real reason this DVD works.  There are times in the day when you would like to put your class on “pause.”  You’ve got to put away reading materials and get ready for math.  You need to send something to the office.  You receive an emergency phone call.  That’s when I’ll help you out.  Put me on your interactive white board and I will sing, dance, entertain your class – and perhaps help them learn something!

So, I need your help!  I’m going to record a new DVD in a few months and I'd like your suggestions for songs that I should include.  Of course, I’ll do the “Tooty Ta” and “The Cool Bear Hunt” on this recording.  But what else would you like?  Let me know your suggestions in the next two weeks and I’ll aim to please.  You might even use this as an opportunity for your students to write an “opinion” about their favorite song.  You can email your suggestions to  Thanks for your help!