Thursday, February 21, 2013


Pick and Type
Standard:    W 6, L 2d
Materials:    plastic pail or basket, index cards with letters or words, 
Directions:   Children “pick” a letter or word from the pail and type it.              
More!          Use a minute timer so children can see how many words they
                  can type in five minutes.
Author Study
Standard:    RL 6, RL 9
Materials:    several books by the same author, bag, scavenger hunt list
Directions:   Choose several books by one of the children’s favorite authors.  
                    Put them in a bag along with a list similar to the one below:
1.     The author of these books is__________.
2.    My favorite book is__________.
3.    The funniest picture is__________.
4.    The book about a bully is_________.
5.    The book about a party is_________.
6.    I wish the author would write another book about____.

Shape Art
Standard:    Geometry – compose shapes
Materials:    geometric shapes cut out of scrap construction paper, glue, markers
Directions:   You could prepare the shapes ahead of time or let children trace around patterns and cut them out.  Children arrange the shapes on a sheet of paper to make new designs and objects.  Can they identify the shapes they used?  Encourage them to give a title to their artwork.