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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Invisible Writing
Standard:    L 1a (letters), L 2d (words)
Materials:    small paper cups, Q-tips, paper towels, word cards
Directions:   Children fill a cup ¼ full with water.  Next, they dip
                  the Q-tip in water and use it to write letters or words on the
                  paper towel.  As the water evaporates, they’ll have “invisible”
More!          Children can also do invisible writing on the chalkboard with a
sponge dipped in water.

Picture Talks
Standard:    RL 7,  L 2d
Materials:    magazines, paper, pencil, scissors, glue
Directions:   Have children select a picture from a magazine and glue it
                  to a sheet of paper.  Ask them to write words (or sentences)
                  for five things they see in the picture.
More!          Ask children to write what they think the people in the picture
                  are saying.  What happened before?  What will happen next?
Puzzle Math
Standard:    Operations
Materials:    old cardboard puzzles, marker
Directions:   Dump out the puzzle pieces.  On the frame write numerals 0-10
                   (or higher).  On the appropriate piece write a fact that will 
                   equal the number on the frame.  As children solve the problems 
                   they will be completing the puzzle.
More!          Use puzzles to match upper and lowercase letters, antonyms,