Monday, February 25, 2013


Letter Bags and Boxes
Standards:   RF 1d, L 1a
Materials:    sacks from restaurants or cardboard food boxes, foam letters  
                   or magnetic letters, paper, pencils
Directions:   Place letters in sacks and boxes.  Children take out the letters 
                    and match them up with those on the bag or box.  Can they    
                    write the letters that they know?
More!           Older students could make a list of words or parts of speech 
                    they find on the bags and boxes.

Singular and Plural
Standard:    L 1c
Materials:    Unifix cubes, sticky dots, marker
Directions:   Put sticky dots on the Unifix cubes.   Write letters on the dots.
                   Make simple CVC words with the letters.  Children read the  
                   word and then add an “s” to make the plural form.  Can they say
                   or write a sentence using the singular and plural form?

Phoneme Beads
Standard:    RF 2b, L 2d
Materials:    pipe cleaner, beads, paper, pencil
Directions:   String 5 beads on a pipe cleaner, knotting the ends so the beads  
                   don’t fall off.  Cut out pictures of objects that are CVC words   
                   and number them. For example:   1. dog, 2. rat, 3. pig, 4. bus, 5. 
                   net, etc.  Children slide a bead for each phoneme they hear in
                   the word.  Next, they draw a blank line for each sound they
                   hear.  Finally, they write the letter for each sound on a line and  
                   read the word.
More!          Use more challenging pictures and words for older students.

Show Me the Money
Standards:   Counting and Classifying
Materials:    coin purse, real or pretend coins
Directions:   Have children sort the coins that are alike.  Which one has the greatest amount?  Smallest amount?
More!          Take a file folder and divide it into 8 sections.  Cut a toy
or other object out of a magazine and write a price by
each one.  (Vary the amount to the counting ability.) Children count out the appropriate number of coins for each object.