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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Want to give your students a unique valentine?  How about gift cards?  Draw rectangles on a sheet of paper.   (I used a credit card for my template.)  In each section, create a special “gift card” that students can redeem in the coming month.  Choose 4 of the rewards below:

“No homework.”                                “10 minutes free time.”
“Take off your shoes.”                       “15 minutes computer time.”
“Sit where you want.”                        “Do a job for your teacher.”
“Choose a song.”                                “Play a board game with a friend.”
“Choose a game.”                               “Take home a favorite book or toy.”
“Sit by a friend at lunch.”                  “Call the roll.”
“Listen to an iPod while you work.”      “Excused from an assignment.”
“Draw on the board.”                         “Be line leader.”
Run off on cardstock, cut apart, and put in an envelope for a special valentine that will keep on giving!!  

Hint!  Adapt these to the level and interests of your students.  Add picture cues for the younger children.

Note!  Adapt this idea as a classroom reward instead of treats.  Write “Gift Cards” on a small bag.  Tape coupons to old room key cards or used gift cards.  Place in the bag and let a student choose one as a special reward.