Sunday, February 24, 2013


Dictionary Search
Standard:    LS 4
Materials:    classroom dictionary or pictionary, list of words, pencils
Directions:   Prepare a list of words (or pictures) that children can find
                   in the dictionary.  Children look through the dictionary and   
                   write down the page number on which that word can be found.
More!          Use a dictionary or a thesaurus to have children find synonyms,
                   antonyms, and other information.

Alphabet Art
Standard:    RF 1d
Materials:    crayons, paper, marker
Directions:   Prepare for this project by drawing a large letter in the middle 
                   of each sheet of paper with a marker.   Children choose a letter
                   and turn the paper all around.  What object, animal, or person
                   does it look like?   Children use crayons to “camouflage” the
                   letter to make it look like something else.
More!          Challenge children to create an object out of the letter that begins with that sound.

Dealer’s Choice
Standard:    Counting, Compare Numbers
Materials:    deck of playing cards (remove the face cards)
Directions:   Have the children sort the cards by suit.
                  Can they put the cards in order from 1-10?
More!          Write “high,” “low,” and “equal” on a piece of paper as shown. 
Children turn over two cards at a time.  Children place the cards in the appropriate pile.  (This would be a fun game to play
with a friend.)

Book Necklace
Standard:    SL 5, L 5c
Materials:    paper, stapler, scissors, hole punch, string or yarn, pencils
Directions:   Cut a sheet of paper in half.  Fold into eighths and cut on the 
                    creased lines.  Staple to make a small book.  Hole punch in the
                    corner and tie on a piece of string.  Children walk around the 
                    classroom and write words they can read.
More!           Use this for an autograph book for friends to write their 
                    Make a book of nouns, color words, shapes, adjectives, etc.