Friday, February 22, 2013


It’s Play Dough Day!

Play Dough
Standards:   L 1a (letters), L 2d (words), geometry
Materials:    clear sheet protectors, play dough, paper, markers
Directions:   Purchase play dough or make your own using the recipe below.  
                    Draw letters, words, lines, curves, shapes, etc. on the paper and 
                    insert in the sheet protector.  Children take the play dough and  
                    roll to make snakes.  Next, they use the play dough to trace  
                    over the lines on top of sheet protector.

Phonics        RF 3a
                  After tracing letters, have children make objects that begin
                  with that sound.

Counting and Cardinality
                  After tracing numerals, children make the appropriate set with 
                  play dough.
                  Have children make three-dimensional shapes with play dough.

Recipe for homemade play dough:                                                    
1 cup salt                  2 cups water                                                 
2 cups flour               2 Tb. cream of tartar                                    
2 Tb. vegetable oil     food coloring
Mix all ingredients together until smooth.  Cook over medium heat stirring   
constantly until a ball forms and sticks to the spoon.   Cool, knead, and store in a zip bag.  
Hint!  Substitute massage oil for vegetable oil to make “aroma therapy” dough.
Use unsweetened Kool-aid for color and fragrance.
Omit food coloring and knead dough in cocoa to make “chocolate dough.”