Monday, February 18, 2013


Book Browsing
Standard:    RL 5
Materials:    5-10 book jackets or library books on different topics, paper,
pencil, file folder
Directions:   Put letters on the books A, B, C, D, etc. using sticky notes.                         Write questions about the books on the file folder.  For
                           1.  “If you wanted to read a book about a dog, which one
                           would you choose?”
                           2.  “Which book do you think would have a story about a
3.  “Which book would help you learn more about space?”
                           4.  “Where could you find a poem?”
                  Children number their papers and then write the letter for
                  the book that would answer each question.
Letter Necklace
Standard:    RF 1d
Materials:    construction paper, pencils, letter stencils, scissors, hole punch,
                  yarn cut in 22” pieces
Directions:   Children place the letters on the construction paper and trace
                  around them.  Punch a hole in each letter and string it on
                  the yarn.  Tie the ends and wear like a necklace.
More!          Children can make necklaces using the letters in their name, their initials, vocabulary words, etc.

Math Bags
Standard:    Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Materials:    zip bags, permanent marker, small flat objects, pencils, paper
Directions:   Draw a line down the middle of a bag with a permanent marker.  
                   Insert objects in the bag.  Children slide the items from one side to 
                   the other to make different combinations.   Ask them to write down 
                   the equations.
More!          Vary the number of bags and amount to make this increasingly