Saturday, February 16, 2013


Oh, yeah!  You've got a long weekend!  I hope you have something special planned just for YOU!  This time of year you need a break, and your students do as well.  This might be a good day to:
         Go for a long walk.
         Paint your toenails.
         Visit a local farmer’s market and cook fresh veggies.
         Go bargain shopping.  Oh, what deals you can find this time of year!
         Go to a basketball game, hockey match, etc.
         How about a movie?
         Visit a museum.
         Look in your newspaper and see what’s happening in your own backyard this weekend.
Hmmmm!  All of those things look so interesting I think I might try a few myself.  Today’s the day to PLAY!  Come back tomorrow and I’ll have some more ideas for your classroom next week.

P.S.  Look what came in the mail yesterday!  What a great example of informative writing and an opinion from kindergartners.  I did a concert at a school several weeks ago and these were the thank you notes with their favorite songs.