Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Touch and Tell
Standard:    W 2
Materials:    socks, paper, pencils, small unusual items (Scruffy, dry dog 
                   food, hair bow, baby toy, bubble wrap, seasonal objects, etc.)
Directions:   Place small objects in the socks.  Children choose a sock, feel it, 
                   and then write a description of what they think is in the sock.
Hint!            Use one sock for younger children.  Number socks for older 
                    students so they can write down what they think is in each sock.

I “Tin” Make Words
Standard:    RF 2c, L 2d
Materials:    magnetic letters, mint tin or cookie tin, paper, pencils
Directions:   Place magnetic letters that can be used to make a word family
                   in the tin.  For example: o, p, t, m, h, c, b.  Add a list of words 
                   that can be made from the letters in the tin.  (hop, mop, top, 
                   cop, pop, bop)   Children reproduce the words on the lid of
                   the tin and read them.  You could also ask them to write the
More!          Put several vowels and consonants in the tin and challenge the 
                   children to make all the words they can with the letters.
Little to Large
Standard:    Geometry – compose shapes
Materials:    crayons, paper
Directions:   Make a very small shape (triangle, square, trapezoid, half-circle, etc.) in the center of the paper.  Children take a different color of crayon and go around it, making it a little larger.  Continue using different colors of crayons and making the object a little larger until it completely fills the page.
                   Hint!  You could prepare these ahead or let the children create their own small shapes in the middle of the paper.