Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here are new twists to some old games that are great for learning when you can't go out and play.

What’s That Jive?
This game is similar to Red Rover.  Divide the class into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of the room facing each other.  Give each player a flash card to hold in front of them.  The teacher goes to one team and asks, “Who do you want to call over?”  The children select someone from the opposite side and say the word they are holding,  Word, word, what’s that jive?  Come on over and give us five.”  The child holding that word walks to the other line and goes down the row giving high five to friends as they read the word.  The game continues as sides take turns calling words to come over.

Heads Up- Seven Up
Seven children come to the front of the room and are given a flash card with a word, math fact, etc. on it.  The rest of the class places their heads down.  The seven tiptoe around and place a flash card by a friend before returning to the front of the room.  The seven join in and say, “Heads up!  Seven up!”  Children who received a flash card stand up and read their word.  They then try to guess who gave them the flash card and switch places.

Musical Chairs
You remember the old game where you placed chairs in a circle and walked around until the music stopped?  If you didn’t find a chair you were OUT!  This is a similar game that can be used to reinforce letters, words, math facts. etc. Write letters, words, math facts, etc. on paper plates.  Scatter them on the floor.  Play some catchy music for the children to dance to.   When the music stops each child finds a paper plate and picks it up.  The teacher randomly points to various children to identify the information on their plates.
If the child is unsure about what is on her plate invite her to “ask the audience.”

"The Farmer in the Dell," "London Bridge," and "Lassie and Laddie" are other oldies, but they are still goodies!