Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Alphabet Walk
Tell the children that you are going to go on an alphabet walk and look for things that begin with letters of the alphabet.  Start with A and work your way through Z.  Take a sheet of paper and write down the objects as the children identify them.  For example:  A-acorn, B-bird, C-cloud, D-dirt, etc.

Singing Tree
Ask children to bring in old wind chimes and bells.  Tie them to the branches of a tree and listen to the tree “sing” when the wind blows.

Nature Bracelet
Put a piece of masking tape or packaging tape with the sticky side out on each child’s wrist to make a bracelet.  Children attach small leaves, flowers, etc. to the tape to make a nature bracelet.
Note!  Remind them to only take objects on the ground.