Thursday, June 14, 2012


Letter Hop Scotch
Draw a hopscotch design with chalk on a paved surface.  Write letters in each section for the children to identify as they hop and play.
*You could also write numerals or words on the hopscotch.

Back Pack
You will need a grocery sack, a small piece of Velcro, and two strips of fabric cut 2” by 24” for this project.  Cut off three sides of the sack half way down.  Fold down the remaining side and secure with Velcro.  To add straps, cut four 2 ½” slits on the back.  Thread the strips of fabric through that and tie the ends in knots.  Let children decorate with markers or crayons.
Cloud Watch
When there are cumulus clouds in the sky, have the children lay on their backs and look for animals and other objects in the sky.
*Let them draw pictures of clouds with white chalk on blue paper.