Thursday, June 28, 2012


Pet Rocks
Let each child find a rock that they can hold in their hand.  After cleaning their rocks, let them decorate the rocks with paints, wiggly eyes, yarn hair, etc.  Ask the children to name their pet rocks and make up a story about their rocks.
Rub A Dub Dub
Have children bring their washable dolls to school.  Fill tubs with water and soap, and then have a bathing party.  Add sponges, wash clothes, and squirt bottles.
Adaptations:  Let children wash doll clothes and hang them on a clothesline with spring clothespins.

Children sit on a bottom step.  One child is selected to be the “teacher.” The “teacher” takes a small pebble and hides it in one hand behind her back.  The “teacher” holds up both fists in front of the first player.  If the first player correctly selects that fist that holds the pebble then she can move up to the next step.  If she selects the empty hand she stays on the bottom step.  The “teacher” hides the pebble and then the second player gets a turn.  When every child has had a turn the “teacher” starts back with the first player.  The first child to reach the top step is the new “teacher.”
*This game can be played indoors our outdoors.