Monday, June 18, 2012


Ask children to collect different items on the playground.  (This will vary with the season and your habitat.)  Put their objects together in a big pile.  Ask the children to put the objects that are alike together.
*Can they sort them another way?

Body Bubble Painting
Pour a small amount of water in a plastic bowl.  Add a big squirt of detergent and several drops of food coloring.  Beat with an egg beater until the bubbles overflow.  Let the children “paint” their bodies with bubbles and then rinse off in a sprinkler.
*You can also add food coloring to small bottles of bubbles and have children blow them onto a piece of paper.

Animal Picnic
Brainstorm foods that animals eat.  Write their suggestions on the board.  Let children circle the foods that they eat as well.  Offer those foods (carrots, celery, apples, nuts, berries) for snack.