Sunday, June 17, 2012


Window Painting
Squirt shaving cream on windows and let children finger paint.  Hose off with clean water.

Sticky Picture
Cut clear contact paper into small rectangles and give one to each child.  Peel off the back and then let children apply leaves, flowers, and other small objects to the sticky side. 
*Cover with another piece of contact paper and use as a place mat.
What’s That Jive?
(Similar to Red Rover)
Materials:  none
Divide the children into two teams and have them stand in a line facing each other 30 to 40 feet apart.  One team calls for a player from the other team with this chant:
(Child’s name), (child’s name)
What’s that jive?
Come on over
And give me five.
The team calling the chant holds their hands out in front of them 
with their palms up.  The child called proceeds down their line giving each player “five” by slapping their palms.  If the child who is “it” slaps the palms and then slaps under their palms, that child chases “it” back to his or her original team.  If “it” is caught, he or she must return to the opposing team, but if not, the chaser must joint “it’s” team.  The game continues with teams taking turns calling players from the opposite side.