Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Mud Pies
(Not edible, but definitely great fun!)
4 cups dirt
1 cup flour
Mix the dirt and flour with water until it molds and sticks together.  Shape into cookies, pies, birds nests, and other shapes.  Dry in the sun.

Mud Painting
You’ll need plastic containers, old paint brushes, paper, and some mud for this art project.  Collect samples of dirt from several different areas in the plastic containers.  Compare samples.  Stir in water and paint with brushes or fingers.
Hot Potato
Materials:  ball, whistle
Children stand in a circle and pass around the ball (hot potato).  When you blow the whistle, the child holding the ball must leave the circle.  The game is played until there is just one child left standing.
*This game can be adapted easily to play inside.  Have the children sit in a circle and pass a beanbag while you play music.  When the music stops, the one holding the beanbag is out of the game.