Sunday, June 3, 2012


Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing games, art projects, recipes, songs,  and great ideas for learning, playing, and loving the outdoors!  These ideas are perfect for parents, family reunions, grandparents, Bible school, and summer camps.  They are simple, inexpensive, and require no special equipment.  Put on that sunscreen and get ready for your BEST summer ever!  
Treasure Hunt Story

Prepare clues that will lead to a “treasure story.”  (This is a special book that you have hidden outside.)  For example:
          1.      A treasure hunt is so much fun.  Near the swing is clue number one.
2.     Clue number two should be easy, too.  At the top of the slide is something for you.
3.     Clue number three you will find in a tree.
4.     Now it’s time for clue number four.  Look for it by the storage door…
Tape the clues on the playground ending with the spot where the “treasure story” is hidden.   Encourage the children to help you read the clues and follow the directions.   Find a shady spot and enjoy reading the book.

Nature Patterns
Collect 5 or 6 leaves, rocks, sticks or other natural objects.  Place a leaf, then a rock, a leaf, then a rock.  “What will come next?”  Let children make up their own patterns with objects in nature.

Melt Down
Give each child a paper cup with an ice cube in it.  Who can make their ice cube melt fastest?
*Color the water in ice cube with food coloring before freezing.
*Draw with ice cubes on the sidewalk.