Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sit Upon
Cut paper grocery sacks into 12” squares.  Each child will need two.  Punch holes around the edges and then sew three sides together with yarn.  (Wrap a piece of tape around the end of the yarn to make a needle.)  Stuff with newspaper strips and then sew up the fourth side.  Sit “upon” it for a story, sing along, or picnic.
*Let children decorate the squares before sewing them together.
 K. J. made this sit upon when he visited over Memorial Day.  He was so proud and carried it everywhere he went.  It reminded me what Eric Erikson understood about school age children.  They are in the age of "industriousness" and love to create things.

Squirt!  Squirt!
Save spray bottles from cleaning products.  (Make sure you rinse them out well first!).  Fill them with water and let the children squirt each other, water plants, clean lawn furniture, etc.
Adaptations:  A sponge or paintbrush and a bucket of water will also entertain children for hours.  They can sponge off a tree, their riding toys, or themselves.  They can paint the house or playground equipment.

Hug Tag
Materials:  none
Designate a playing area.  One child is “it.”  “It” chases other children who must “freeze” when they are tagged.  Players hug those who are “frozen” to “unfreeze” them
*Stoop Tag – Children stoop down on the ground when they are tagged.
*Cartoon Tag – Children must name a cartoon show when they are tagged.
*Shadow Tag – children must freeze when “it” steps on their shadow.
*Sticky Tag – Children must hold the part of their body that is tagged.