Friday, June 8, 2012


Bubble Cups
Liquid dish detergent
Fill the cup half way with water.  Squirt in some dish detergent.  Give children a straw and tell them to BLOW!  (If you'll put a pin prick at the top of the straw, it's less likely that they'll suck up soapy water.  I also have children practice blowing on their hand with the straw before we begin so they'll get the idea.)  The bubbles will spill over the cup and are fun to pat on arms, legs, etc.  It's great to run through the sprinkler after you "paint" your body with bubbles.
Adaptations:  Add a drop of food coloring to the solution to make colored bubbles.
Give children a pan of water and an egg  beater.  (Most children have never seen one of these before except in books!)  Add a squirt of detergent to the water and let them "beat" up some bubbles.

Dot to Dot
Take chalk and write numerals 0-20 randomly on a hard play surface.  Children start with zero and run, hop, march, or skip to each numeral in order.
*Adapt the amount to the ability of your students.

Mother, May I?
Materials:  none
Children line up with their backs to a wall.  One person is “mother” and stands about 30 feet in front of the others.  One at a time “mother” names a child and tells them a different motion they must perform.  For example, baby steps, scissor steps, twirls, giant steps, or frog leaps.  The child must remember to ask, “Mother, may I?” before performing the movement or he or she is sent back to the starting line.  The first one to reach “mother” becomes the next “mother.”