Sunday, June 24, 2012


Tin Can Ice Cream
Homemade ice cream mixture
1 lb coffee can with lid
2 lb coffee can with lid
Crushed ice
Rock salt
Put the homemade ice cream mixture in the 1 lb. can and tape the lid on.  Put the smaller can in the larger can and then pack it layers of ice and salt in between.  Place the top on and tape it securely.  Kick the can around on the playground for 10-15 minutes until the ice cream freezes.
*You can do a similar activity by placing a sandwich bag of the ice cream mixture in a heavy duty gallon bag.  Fill with ice and rock salt and toss.  The ice cream will be runny, but children can poke a hole in the corner and suck it.

Water Painting
Give children plastic containers (margarine tubs, ice cream containers, etc.) filled with water.  Let them use paint brushes to “paint” the playground equipment, trees, toys, etc.

Hiker’s Necklace
Using a hammer and nail, make a hole in the bottom of a film container and in the lid.  (An adult will need to do this.)  Cut a piece of cord or string that can easily go over the child’s head and thread it through the holes.  Decorate with stickers and markers.  Put a band-aid, the child’s name and address, a piece of gum, etc. inside.  These would also be handy to hold money on a field trip.
Hint!  You can still find film containers where they develop pictures.