Sunday, June 24, 2012


We just had the FIRST College of Charleston Early Childhood Summit.  It was soooooo AWESOME!  The teachers who attended were the BEST!  You know that little child who sits in the front of the room and smiles and takes in every word you say?  Well, every teacher and student who attended was that gold star student!!!  I’m so pumped!!!  I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Here are some fantastic ideas that the teachers shared!

Friday Dance (Tarsha Walker)
Come on, everybody let’s take a chance.  (Motion arm “come” as you move from left to right.)
It’s time to do the Friday dance.  (Thumb over shoulder as you dance.)
Clap your hands (clap)
And stomp your feet.  (stomp)
Come and do the Friday dance with me.
It’s Friday!  (Throw arms in the air.)
It’s Friday!  (Throw arms in the air.)
It’s Friday!  (Throw arms in the air.)

Bubbles  (Erin Yarborough)
To help children remember to walk quietly in the hall, tell them to hold a bubble in their mouths.  When you get to your destination they can “pop” their bubbles.

Graduation Program  (MaryBeth Clark)
For graduation at Lambs Elementary they asked their students to bring in crazy glasses and hats (which they turned sideways).  They made microphones out of toilet paper rolls wrapped in tinfoil.  A bright colored letter was printed on each microphone.  The children pranced into the cafeteria looking like “sweet” rappers and singing “Happy Birthday Letters.”

I’m MAD!  (Joan Lee-Ikemoto)
We all thought this idea for diffusing anger was fantastic!
Teacher:  Make an angry, mad face.  (The teacher demonstrates this.)
Child/children respond.
Teacher:  Ball up your fists and squeeze them tight.  (Demonstrate)
Child/children show their fists.  (Fist is a good way to show knuckles, which is on the DIAL 3 Test.)
Teacher sings as she pounds her right fist onto her left palm:
         I’m MAD!!  I’m MAD!
         I’m MAD, MAD, MAD!
         I want
         To be
         So BAD, BAD, BAD!  (Put hands on hips and stomp 3 times.)
         I think I’ll eat a worm for supper!

Peanut Butter (Hedrick Lewis)
While singing the “Peanut Butter” song let the children march and pretend to spread peanut butter on their arms.

Walking Down the Hall (Carin Ragos)
Whatever theme you are working on (bears, butterflies, cars, etc.), invite the children to walk or move that way down the hall.  If they are not quiet or can’t follow directions they have to walk like a “regular person.”

Vowel Song
(Tune:  “BINGO”)
There are some letters I love to say
And vowels are their names “o.”
A, E, I, O, U
A, E, I, O, U
A, E, I, O, U
And vowels are their names O!
*Change the O to “YO’ and use rapper hands.