Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Fitness/Learning Trail
Get scrap cardboard, a marker, tape, and you’ll be set to make your own fitness trail.  Cut the cardboard into 8” x 10” pieces.  Write different body and brain exercises on each card and tape to different locations on your playground.  For example:
         10 jumping jacks
         say a nursery rhyme
         8 windmills
         count backwards from 20
         12 squats
         name your city, state, and country
         15 sit ups
         name 5 insects
         7 push ups
         sing the ABC’s forwards and then backwards

Foot Painting
Roll out a long sheet of butcher paper on the sidewalk.  Take two pie pans and pour a little paint in each one.  Let one child at a time take off her shoes, step in the paint, and then walk across the paper.

Banana on a Stick
Peel a banana, insert a popsicle stick, place on a cookie sheet and freeze.  It’s a cool snack on a hot day.  Grapes, strawberries, blue berries, and many other types of fruit can also be frozen.