Tuesday, June 26, 2012


What to Do on a Rainy Day
Give each child a sheet of paper and ask them to draw a picture of something fun you can do on a rainy day.  (Children can dictate or write a sentence to go with their picture.)  Put their pages together between construction paper to make a book.

Sidewalk Artists
Children can write, draw pictures, or make hopscotch with chalk on a paved surface.  They can also design roads on which to ride bikes and tricycles.  Challenge them to use their imaginations and create stores, traffic signs, and other symbols on the cement.
K.J. and Uncle Nick decorating the steps.
Monkey Tail Sandwich
You will need:
Hotdog buns
Small bananas
Peanut butter
Spread peanut butter in the hotdog bun and then place the banana on top.
*Omit the peanut butter and use cream cheese if children have allergies.