Friday, August 8, 2014


Here are some other ideas with the backpack I showed you how to make yesterday. Use these in centers or for homework activities.

Letter Backpacks
Write a letter on the top and then children open and cut out pictures or write words that begin with that sound. 

Fact Books 
Staple paper inside to make a book. Children can use these for informative writing or to take notes. 

Word Families
Write a rime on the top and then children write all the words they can make inside.

Make a shape on the front and then children cut out objects or draw things with that shape.

Write a number on the front and then children make sets or write different ways to make that number. 
Staple the sides and then use to hold money, poems, an object from a nature walk, and so forth.

Children draw a picture on the front and then write a story inside.

Healthy Lunch
Give children grocery store flyers and let them cut out pictures and pack a healthy lunch.

Book Report
Write the title of the book on the front and then open and draw/write their favorite part.

Environmental Print
Write “I can read” on the top. Children cut out words they can read and glue inside.