Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Children have different learning strengths, so these ideas might be especially beneficial to your kinesthetic learners.

Rainbow Writing
Write letters, numbers, shapes, words on a sheet of paper.  Children trace over the figure many different times using different colors of crayons or markers.  Encourage them to repeat what the figure is as they trace over it.
Body Writing
Let children make shapes, letters, words, etc. in the air with different body parts.  They could use their invisible finger, elbow, foot, or write on a friend’s back.  Tummy writing where they lay on the floor and then extend an index finger and write is another powerful technique.

Palm Pilot
Children hold up one palm and then use the index finger from the other hand to write on it.  Model for the children as you explain:
            Show me your palm pilot.  Let’s write letter, number, shape, word on it.
            Take it to your brain.  (Pretend to run fingers up your arm to your head.)
            Let’s write it again.  (Write on palm.)
            Take it to your brain.  (Run fingers to brain.)
            Better write it one more time just to make sure we remember it!
            (Write and then take it to the brain once again.)

Sign Language
What could be more sensory and engaging than sign language!  Use sign language to introduce letters or teach signs for words. 
aslpro.com is an excellent free website with manual signs for the letters as well as videos that demonstrate words and phrases.

Good Teaching Is Good Teaching
I will close today with something I learned over 40 years ago in a book called “Teacher” by Sylvia Ashton Warner.  One of her successful strategies was to write a word with a crayon.  She then asked the child to trace over the word as they said it.  That way the child could “see” the word and “feel” the word. 
Talk about multi-sensory!  How many of you have taken the ice bucket challenge?
My husband took the bucket and I wrote the check!!