Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I was doing some web research and I came across this tip for learning a new skill:
            1st   Repeat it out loud.
            2nd  Repeat it as you visualize using the skill.
            3rd  Repeat it with a partner.

It’s a simple formula that could be adapted to many things that our students are expected to master.  Having students say things out loud or visualizing them in their brain is something I know you all do.  Isn’t peer teaching (repeating with a partner) something that you might do a little more often?
Each week pair children up to be “study buddies” for the week.  (This will eliminate the confusion of finding a partner.)  If they need help with an assignment, they can go to their study buddy.  They can also do the activities below.

Partner Teach – One student pretends they are the teacher and demonstrates or explains something to a friend.  Then they switch places.

Partner Coach – One student demonstrates a skill while the other student “coaches” (corrects, makes suggestions).  Switch places.

Partner Retell – After listening to a story children get a partner and retell the story.  After a lesson they can explain two new things they learned.

Partner Recall – Before children go home at the end of the day have them recall something they learned and something they did that made them feel proud.

Back Writing – Study buddies take turns making letters, shapes, numerals, spelling words, etc. on their partner’s back.  After the partner guesses correctly they can change places.
*Hint!  Pass out pictures of ears and mouths.  The student holding the ear listens while the student with the mouth speaks.  Switch cards.
Buddy Sticks - You can also put like stickers or matching letters or numerals on the ends of craft sticks.  Child match sticks to find their partner.