Wednesday, August 6, 2014


After two good-bye songs, how about a good morning song that’s full of silly rhymes? It’s on my “Better Bodies and Brains” CD, but you can just say the words if you don't know the tune. 

Hello Friends!
(Tune: “Do Lord”)
Hello, jell-o!
Hi there, grizzly bear!
How are you, caribou?
I’m fine, porcupine!
What’s up, buttercup?
Not much, coconut!
This is how our day begins.
Nice to see ya, tortilla!
Hi, hi, pumpkin pie!
How’ve you been, dolphin?
Just great, rattle snake.
What’s shakin’, little bacon?
Not a lot, tater tot!
This is how our day begins.
Bonjour, dinosaur!
Good day, blue jay!
Howdy, brownie!
Welcome, bubble gum!
Hola, cola!
Yoo hoo, tennis shoe.
This is how our day begins.
Give me five, dragon fly.
Shake a hand, rubber band.
Here’s a hug, doodlebug.
Wave to me, bumblebee.
Come on in, my friends
With a smile and song
This is how the day begins! 

I’ve been known to take an idea and “milk it for all it’s worth,” so here are some activities to follow up this song.
*Let children walk around the room and greet friends by shaking hands, giving a high five, etc.
*Write the words on a chart and then focus on the punctuation at the end of each line. Clap for periods. Shrug shoulders for question marks. Stand up for exclamation points.
*Let children illustrate the verses in this song and put them together to make a class book.
*Learn to say good morning in different languages.
*Talk about nonverbal language. How can we use our face and body to say “Hello” and “I’m glad to see you”?