Friday, August 29, 2014


Get rid of wiggles and learn at the same time with these kinesthetic activities. 

Sports Spelling
Act out different sports as you spell words.

Football – Pretend to hike the ball as you say letters. Throw a touchdown pass as you say the word.

Basketball – Bounce the pretend ball on letters and throw a basket as you say the word.

Soccer – Kick slightly on the letters and then score a goal as you say the word.

Baseball – Swing on the letters and hit a homerun and turn around on the word.

Hint! Let children suggest different sports and movements.

Cheering Words
Children stand and step from side as they clap and cheer words:
Give me a B. B! I’ve got a B, you’ve got a B.
Give me an E. E! I’ve got an E, you’ve got an E.
Give me a D. D! I’ve got a D, you’ve got a D.
What’s it spell? BED! Say it again. BED!
One more time. BED!
Spell out words or count as you do toe touches, jumping jacks, march, box, and make other motions.

Karate Writing - For letters that start at the top dotted line, punch up high. For letters that start at the middle dotted line, punch out in front. For letters with a tail that go below the line, give a little kick. When finished, fold hands together, bow, and say, “the alphabet.”
            A – punch from waist
            B – punch up in the air
            C – punch from waist
            D – punch up in the air
            E – punch from the waist
            F – punch up in the air
            G – give a little kick…etc.

*Use karate writing for spelling names, word wall words, vocabulary, etc.
*Do “ballerina spelling” by placing hands over the head for tall letters, in front, or down low. Turn in a circle as you say the completed word.