Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Here’s a simple idea that will save you time and encourage all those little “authors” and “illustrators” in your classroom. All you need is a file folder to make a display pocket for each child. Cut a 1 ¼” border around the top half of the file folder. Let children decorate it with their name and pictures. Open and laminate. Fold in half and staple to a bulletin board or tape to a wall. Children can display their own work by slipping drawings, stories, etc. in the pocket.

Here’s the “Writer’s Chant” to get them started. Children repeat each line to this chant as you open your arms wide and clap while stepping from side to side.
            Who knows the writing process?
            I know the writing process.

            First step. (Hold up one finger.)
            Brainstorm. (Hands on the side of your head and shake down.)
            Second step…(Hold up 2 fingers.)
            Write it down…(Pretend to write with index finger on palm.)
            Third step…(Hold up 3 fingers.)
            Edit your work…(Shake finger.)
            Fourth step…(Hold up 4 fingers.)
            Publish your work…(Brush hands together.)
            Oh, yeah! (Hands on hips with an attitude.)