Friday, August 22, 2014


If organizing your classroom is like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, maybe you’ll find a tip or trick that will work for you today.

Planning Tubs
Label 5 tubs Monday, Tuesday…. Put lesson plans, books you will read, worksheets, games, and props you will use each day in the tubs.
Hint! Rolling carts with shelves work well for daily planning tubs.

If it’s something you have not used in a year…

           THROW IT OUT!

Store materials in…
            Plastic tubs, crates
            Cardboard boxes, baskets
            Zip bags, file folders
            Hanging garment bags, shoe bags, skirt hangers
Hint! Cover messy shelves with curtains.
Spray paint cardboard boxes for uniformity and label boxes and tubs with contents.

Arrange centers in a logical area…
            Art materials on washable flooring near a sink
            Loud centers (blocks & housekeeping) together
            Quiet centers (library, computer, writing) in another area
            Put materials on low shelves so children can reach them
            Label centers with words and pictures
            *Use hula hoops, carpet squares, or lunchroom trays to define work areas.

At the end of the day...
Make a clean sweep of everything on your desk and put it all in the trash can.  Just kidding!  However, do try to touch a piece of paper only one time.  Read emails, answer them, and then delete.

I've got a lot of nerve telling you to get organized and clean up your room when I have a closet like this!  So, I'm going to take some of my personal advice and head down to the basement to throw out and get organized!!!  Or, maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow!!!!
Yesterday I wrote a blog about assessment.  Liz Blek (NKA) sent out this article that reflects most of our feelings about assessment and promoting PLAY as the natural vehicle for helping young children learn.  It's a MUST read for teachers, administrators, and parents!