Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Eunica Turner wrote that “sharing is caring” and she shows how much she cares with these ideas!

Good Listening Chant
(Eunica Turner)
(Tune: “Where Is Thumbkin?”)
Eyes are watching. (Point to eyes.)
Ears are listening. (Point to ears.)
Lips are closed. (Point to lips.)
Hands are still. (Clasp hands together.)
Feet are very quiet. (Wiggle toes and point to feet.)
That’s the way we like it. (Nod our head.)
Listening well. Listening well. (Smile)

Hallway Chant (Eunica Turner)
(Tune: “La Cucaracha”)
We keep our eyes straight ahead.
We keep our hands to ourselves.
We keep our feet oh so quiet.
We do not push or shove
Or turn around for a hug.
Walk nicely and remember to be quiet!

Quiet Spray (Eunica Turner)
Fill a spray bottle with lavender oil and water. Aroma therapy for quiet time!

Kings and Queens (Amanda Green)
Place three chairs where the girls (queens) sit. Three boys stand behind the chairs. You can review any topic, and the girl or boy who answers first gets the chair. If the girl answers correctly make a “magic scepter” sound. If the boy answers correctly first let them “swish their swords.”

Math Office (Amanda Green)
Use a pipe cleaner to make an abacus at the top of a pocket folder. Put a hundreds chart, shapes, or whatever you are studying in the office.
*You could even do five beads of each color like rekenrek.
Hint! Let them put papers they are working on in the left pocket and papers they have 

finished in the right pocket.
Name on My Paper (Veronica Guerrero)
(Tune: “Where Is Thumbkin?”)
Teacher: Are you ready?
Students: Yes I am.
Teacher: Let’s write my first name.
Students: Let’s write my first name.
Teacher: Let’s write my last name.
Students: Let’s write my last name.
Teacher: Let’s write the date.
Students: Let’s write the date.
Teacher: Now I’m done.
Students: Now I’m done.

Trash Words (Trisha Loftin)
When a student curses have them say the “trash word” into a scrap sheet of paper. Then they crumple up the paper and put the “trash word” into a small table top trash can (from Dollar Tree). Once it is in the trash it’s gone for good!

Vowel Chant (Emily Lieb)
Teacher: Give me a long A.
(Students stretch it out as they say it with their hands.)
All: You’ve got your /a/, you’ve got your /a/, you’ve got your /a/ /a/ /a/.
Teacher: Give me a short A.
(Students signal short with hands as they make the sound.)
All: You’ve got your /a/, you’ve got your /a/, you’ve got your /a/ /a/ /a/.
Continue with all vowels.

Line Up Song (Julie Golden)
(Tune: “Farmer in the Dell”)
My hands are by my side.
I’m standing straight and tall.
My eyes are on teacher’s name
And I’m ready for the hall.

Brain Juice (Dyan Kelly)
Get a fine mist spray bottle and fill it with smart water. When the kids start to lag ask if they want brain juice. Of course they do!

Glitter Glue
(Dyan Kelly)
Get glitter glue at the dollar store and use it instead of stickers.
Brain Break (Nicole Todd)
After lunch play an advertisement and let the children dance along.
Wednesday – Hump Day – camel commercial
Thursday – Kia hamsters
Friday – Happy from Despicable Me 2