Saturday, August 23, 2014


Oh, no! You’re sick but you HAVE to go to school because you don’t have plans for a substitute teacher! It happens to every teacher sooner or later, so be prepared with this idea.

Sub Tub – Have a special tub where you can place materials for a substitute teacher. Include the class roll, daily schedule, emergency procedures, special medical information, etc. Keep extra (fun) worksheets, as well as some games and favorite books in the tub.

Sheriff – Put a badge in the tub so the substitute teacher can choose one child to be the sheriff for the day. Whenever there is a dispute or question about what to do, the sheriff can come to the rescue!
Sub CD - Burn a CD for the substitute teacher with a good morning song, calendar song, clean-up song, favorite wiggle songs, and a good-bye song.
The sub can punch “play” and sing through the day!