Saturday, August 2, 2014


K.J. attended his first overnight camp this summer at St. Christopher on Seabrook Island. What an amazing experience! K.J. has told us about some of the activities, but the songs are what keep coming out of his mouth! How many times have I told teachers that music sticks in the brain - and my grandson is living testimony! Can you imagine sitting around a campfire and singing? Talk about a vanishing activity! No CD…no big screen…no musical instruments…just an engaging song and friends! My daughter and I were reminiscing that nobody sings like that any more.

But, you know what? You can sing around a pretend campfire in your classroom every day. You don’t need my CDs or anything but a fun song. K.J.’s favorite was “Little Cabin in the Woods.” Do you remember that one? It’s a long song that’s good to sing while children wash their hands or get ready to go home. Each time you sing through the song you hum a verse and just make the motions. By the end of the song you are quietly humming the whole way through. Now, the version K.J. came home singing would not be politically correct, so I’ve changed the words a little. (His hunter shot the rabbit and they ended stirring a pot as they sang, “Rabbit stew tonight”! Works for nine year olds at camp, but not younger children in the classroom.) 

Little Cabin in the Woods

Little cabin in the woods.
(Make a square in the air with index fingers.)
Little man by the window stood.
(Hand over eyes.)
Saw a rabbit hopping by
(Two fingers up like ears and hop hand.)
Knocking at my door.
(Knock in the air.)
“Help me! Help me! Help me, please.
(Throw hands up in the air.)
For it’s cold and I might freeze.”
(Wrap arms around self and shake.)
Little rabbit come inside
(Motion “come.”)
Safely you’ll abide.
(Stick up 2 fingers on one hand and stroke with other hand.)

Here’s a selfie to help you with the tune.

K.J. also taught me this new patty cake game. It’s great for learning categories, communicating, and cooperating. Get the beat first by tapping palms twice with your partner and then clapping three times.
     No repeats 

     Or hesitation  
     I’ll go first 
     And you will follow 
     Category is - 
     (Name category) 

Children take turns naming things in the category. If a child hesitates or can’t think of a word they lose. I think you could play a similar group game with younger children. Have children sit in a circle and pass a ball or small toy around as they name things in the category.

That’s all for today, campers!