Sunday, July 19, 2020


I've had so many kind emails from teachers this week.  Thank you!  Thank you!  I've also had requests for some of the activities you'll find on my blog today.

First of all, I put the "Wear, Wash, Six Feet Apart" song to music and my webmaster Alex May created this adorable video.  I hope your kids enjoy it and it will remind them to be safe!

There were also requests to have this song translated.  Thank you so much Claudia Hernandez!

Usa, lava , mantén la distancia (Tune:  “Row Your Boat” Dr. Jean Feldman. Translated by: Claudia Hernández)


Usa, usa, la mascarilla  (Put hands over your nose and mouth.)

Úsala todos los días.

Usa, usa, la mascarilla

estarán los gérmenes alejados.    (Push hands out.)


Lava, lava, lava tus manos, (Pretend to wash hands.)

Lavalas todo el día.

Lava, lava, lava tus manos

estarán los gérmenes alejados.  (Push hands out.)


Mantente a seis pies de distancia (Stretch out arms.)

Estira ambos brazos.

Mantente a seis pies de distancia

estarán los gérmenes alejados!  (Push hands out.)


Usa, lava , mantén la distancia

Hazlo todos los días.

Usa, lava, mantén la distancia

Y saludables estaremos!  (Hands on chest and smile.)

Several teachers were interested in the "center signs" I talked about at the Soar to Success Summit.  Just put "center signs" in the above search engine and you'll get lots of information.

And, finally, here's a repeat of the "Who Ate the Cookie" chant.

Cut 3” circles (cookies) out of poster board.  Write each child’s 

name on the “cookie.”  Place the cookies in an empty cookie box or bag.  Choose one name at a time and use it in the chant below:                      

Who ate the cookie in the cookie jar?                                   

Child’s name ate the cookie in the cookie jar.        

Who me?                 (First child responds.)                                            

Yes you.                    (Class chants.)                                                        

Couldn’t be?                      (First child.)                                       

Then who?               (Class chants.)                                            

Second child’s name ate the cookie 

            (Choose a second child’s name) in the cookie jar.